JBL Factory Replacement Driver 2414H-1, 363858-001X

Peavey 03452400 RX 22/22XT Diaphragm Kit

SS Audio JBL Speaker Replacement Horn Diaphragm 2412H, 2412H-1, Soundfactor, MP215, MP225, EON15, EON10, JRX, TR, and many others

JBL Factory Speaker Diaphragm JBL 2407J Horn Driver, D16R2407

Mackie Speaker Replacement Horn Diaphragm, SRM450, 1701-8, DC10, D-SRM450

Seismic Audio SA-DR1 - 8 Ohm Replacement Diaphragm - Compatible with Peavey 22XT, RX22, 22A, 22T, 2200

JBL Factory Replacement Driver 2414H, 342423-002X

SS Audio JBL Diaphragm for 2412H, 2412H-1, Soundfactor, MPro, MP215, MP225, EON15, EON10, JRX100, JRX112, JRX115 TR125, TR126, TR225, and many others.

Diaphragm for JBL Speaker Replacement Horn Diaphragm 2-Pack 2412H, 2412H-1, D-2412-2

JBL Factory Replacement Driver 2412H, 125-10000-00X