Sony 10MFD2HDLF 2HD 3.5-Inch IBM Formatted Floppy Disks (10-Pack) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

MAXELL 556531 Floppy Disks 30-pk

Imation - 3-1/2" Diskettes, Formatted, PC Format, 1.44MB, DS-HD

100 Floppy Disks. 3.5 inch Diskettes. Formatted 1.44 MB. DS/HD MF-2HD. Manufactured in 2011.

New Nashuatec High Density HD 2-Sided 3.5" Diskette IBM Formatted 10 Diskettes Per Pack for storage data.

Office Depot(R) 3 1/2" Bulk Diskettes, IBM(R) Format, DS/HD, Black, Box Of 25

50 Double Density DS/DD MF2-DD Floppy Disks. 3.5 inch Diskettes. Formatted @ 720K

Memorex 3.5 - Inch PC-Formatted High-Density Floppy Disks with File Box Colors, 40-Pack (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

imationĀ® 3.5" Diskettes, Neon, 40PK, 2HD, 1.44MB

5.25 Floppy Disks 10 pack. (5.1/4) DS/DD Low Density Formatted IBM 360K with Sleeves