VisibleDust Quasar R 5x Sensor Loupe Magnifier with Dark Adaptation Technology

VisibleDust Quasar Plus Sensor Loupe 7x Magnifier Improved Focusing System

PEAK TS2044 Zoom Measuring Loupe, 8X - 16X Magnification, 0.40" Lens Diameter, 0.79" - 0.40" Field View

PEAK TS2032 Fixed Focus Loupe, 10X Magnification, 1" Lens Diameter, 1.10" Field View

Aven 26034-LED Eye Loupe with LED Light, 10X Magnification, 25mm Diameter

PEAK TS2038 Photographers Large Format Loupe, 4X Magnification, 1.77" x 1.77" Field View

Micnova MQ-7X Camera Sensor Loupe Screen Protector for Canon E0S 7D DSLR Cameras

Dot Line 8x Magnifier Loupe for Photographic Proof Contact Sheets, Slides and Negatives

Alvin C792 10x Doublet Loupe with Case

Vidpro SL-8F Professional 7x LED Sensor Loupe with Folding Gooseneck Stand with Sensor & Lens Cleaning Pens + Case + Blower + Kit